Next in this series of posts will be about what we call our Core Ps. First was People. These are about our

Pride of Place

It’s hard not to be inspired by the world around us. From easy, breezy East Coast Park, to the hustle and butle of Orchard Road, Singapore is as unique as the neighborhoods and people who call it home. As we lead up to our launch we are excited to soon bring you great beer inspired by the little red dot.

Like beer, we have a history. Each one of our team members all have their own special Singapore story. Everything from fetching water in Somapah Village, attending Pei Gwa Primary School, to late night beer fuelled Lo Heis. Our history in Singapore runs deep and Specific Gravity is a tribute to our home.

Inspiration comes in many forms and with Joo Chiat being our home base, it was easy to draw inspiration from the Peranakan tiles that line the sidewalks in front of the historic and colorful shophouses. We’ve done our research and they were the perfect muse for our packaging design, with each design being rooted in European history, but used in a way that is unique to the local culture, much like our beer.

Next in our seriesof launching a craft beer brand is a huge hurdle for most people starting a new business: branding and packaging design.

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