The first step is to find passionate, knoledgeable people to embark on the journey with. Our experienced co-founders, Devin and Kim, have done just that by bringing on Michael.

At SGBC we genuinely enjoy spending time with each other and have fun eith what we do. When you’re surrounded by such a great group of people, it’s hard no to! Whether it’s getting together for a brew or trying our beers at the local hawker Center, we always have a great time and do everything with pride and car.

Great beer brought us together, and making it is what we do best. While under the supervision of Oro the macaw, we worked as a team to create the recipes for three fantastic beers that everyone will love. No session is complete without a round or two of tasting our creations.

Passion.Knowledge. Experience.

To put it short, starting a business is hard. It takes countless hours of meticulous planning, lots of time spent in front of the glow of a computer screen to do research, and plenty of beer and jokes to make it all worth it. Stay with us on our journey as we take you all the way through the process leading up to our launch. These last few paragraphs has introduced some people on our team like Ali and Thomas, next up on our series of how to start a craft brand is about our pride of place, our home, and how it inspires us.

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