So you want to start a craft beer brand? Next in this series we will talk about our branding and packaging design. We are starting things off with our logo and how each element has its own significance, which are:

1. Specific Gravity
Definition: the density ratio from a sample beer or wort to the density of water.
It is a calculation that allows brewers to measure the sugar content of their wort and find the ABV for their beer.

2. Octagon
Designed to be similar to the Singapore $1 coin, the octagon, or ba gua, is considered to be auspicious as it is a symbol of the fundamental principles of reality, or the Eight Aspirations in Taoism.

3. The Red Color
Our blazing red color is a similar shade to that used on the Singapore flag, lending to the circle shape of our logo and representing our home, the little red dot.

4. The Points
The diamond shaped points are simplified representations of the Singapore shoreline.

Like we introduced in our last series of posts, we found inspiration in our home base of Joo Chiat and the Peranakan tiles that line the sidewalks there and around Singapore. With the beauty of these tiles, it was hard not to be influenced! Like beer, these tiles are mostly from Europe but they are used in a way that is unique to Singapore. Each of our three core beers, Classic IPA, Wheat Beer and Craft Lager, has a unique and memorable Peranakan tile-inspired label design.

Starting a craft beer brand in the time of COVID has had its fair share of challenges. Having to adapt with the times, we’ve turned into gypsy brewers and are ready for anything thrown at us. We are excited to introduce our beers to you soon, available in bottles and cans, both individually and in mixed packs. Next up in our series we’ll get into how much fun it was to see our recipes migrate from our little backyard pilot system, into a full on production facility.

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